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Random thoughts : learning Rocket science

I just finished a course in Aerospace engineering on Edx. 

This was a crazy challenge as I had NONE of the prerequisites (stopped math and school at 17), this course taught me a lot, but more importantly it taught me the value of not giving up. It was 10 hours into trying to solve the very first problem of the first unit , and I was about to quit.

This was clearly way above anything that I could do.

Turns out it was the perfect level of difficulty : just a tad bit too difficult.
I had to re-learn calculus, Scientific notation, units, physics terminology practically from scratch. At the end of Unit 7 I got a kind of mediocre 45% for the final test, but 82% score for the overall course. I remember the early survey asking " how much time do you intend to spend on this MOOC ? " , 3-4 hours a week I clicked, this quickly turned into 3-4 hours A DAY :D

I'm really glad I stuck to the challenge, and you know what was the best ?
It's my mom's face when I told her I finished t…

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